Contract Services

About Contract Services

Contract Services is a resource within the division of Student and Administrative Services that can help with vendor identification, including the management of a Request for Proposal process, contract negotiation and service implementation.

Contract Services also provides guidance for the entire University on Licensing and Trademarks for consumer goods. Campus departments and student organizations must have prior written approval to use any of Columbia's marks, names, and logos when producing items, having items produced, or buying goods for resale.

Campus Food Service Ventures

Together with Columbia Dining, Contract Services provides contract, management, and operational expertise related to food service ventures on campus. The team has the expertise to provide University partners with help in evaluating location and need, establishing a strategic plan, and ensuring best practices in adding a food service location within a campus building. 

Dining and Contract Services can support University partners in navigating the process of adding food service to a campus location, providing support ranging from basic consultation through a full service operation model, depending on needs. The options include:

A.  Columbia Dining-Operated Food Service

In this model, Columbia Dining is fully responsible for all facets of food service operation on behalf of a school/building, including operational, financial, and regulatory management. Retail units on campus operated by Dining include Blue Java in Butler Library and Dodge Hall, Uris Deli in Uris Hall, Carlton Deli in the Mudd Building, Lenfest Cafe in Jerome Greene Hall, and Cafe 212 in Lerner Hall.

B.  Columbia Dining-Managed Third Party Food Service Vendor

In this model, Contract Services assists the school/department in distributing RFPs and negotiating contracts with a third party vendor to provide food service at the campus location. Columbia Dining then manages the third party vendor on behalf of the school/department. Retail units on campus managed by Dining but operated by a third party include Cafe East in Lerner Hall and Uris Hall.

C.  School/Building-Managed Third Party Food Service Vendor

In this model, the school/building has sole responsibility for and control in management of third party food service vendor. For a fee, Contract Services will guide the school/department through the RFP and contract process. Examples of third party food service vendors managed solely by a school/department include Brad's Cafe in the Pulitzer Building and Brownie's in Avery Hall. 

If you are interested in learning more about the process of adding a food service location to your campus building, please schedule an in-person meeting with the Columbia Dining and Contract Services team to discuss options. Contact Honey Sue Fishman at or 212-854-6862.